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    Crashday puts players in the world of stunts, dents and adrenaline. Smash vehicles into pieces with breath-taking stunts or, better still, race against rivals on custom high speed race tracks – and there's more ways than just head on collisions to get rid of your opponents. Crashday offers drivers weapons, absolute freedom of movement on its tracks, weapons, a large career mode, weapons, many mini games, weapons, a huge integrated track editor, weapons, exceptionally detailed damage models and weapons. There are 7 modes within the game to offer players a wide selection of varying gameplay elements: * Stunt Show: Impress the audience with insane stunts, long jumps and blistering crashes. Design your own stunt courses or choose from a wide selection of ready made tracks. * Racing: Be the first to cross the finish line in hotly fought races around varying circuits and grand prix tracks. * Wrecking Match: Battle your opponents by any means necessary. Choose between weapons or the crashing power of your car to bring them down. * Hold The Flag: Collect the flag from the track or steal it from a foe. Once you get it, carry it through checkpoints to beat your opponents and show off your dodging skills. * Pass The Bomb: You're stuck with a bomb and it's going to blow up. The only way to stop yourself from being blown into tiny little bits is to pass it on to another player within the time limit, but watch out for the others as Minimum System Requirements: System: Pentium IV 1 GHz or equivalent RAM: 256 MB Video Memory: 64 MB Hard Drive Space: 1500 MB
    Kodi: www.dl4all.com_crashday.rar.001.html

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